Like the Globe’s GoSurf Free Wifi, EasySURF Free WiFi provides free access to GoWiFi, but exclusively for TM mobile subscriber.

After all, TM is the sister company of Globe so the promos they offer are somehow similar.

You first need to register to EasySURF50, EasySURF299, EasySURF599 or EasySURF999.

To register for the promo data, you just need to send EASYSURF<amount> to 8080. For example:

EASYSURF50 then send to 8080.

From there, you will get the benefit of getting the EasySURF Free Wifi, usually capped at 1GB.

The free 1GB allocation can be used openly to different sites and app. May it be for social media apps, mobile games, navigation apps, e-commerce apps and many more.

Where can I find EasySurf Free WiFi Hotspots?

The access can be made using the @EasySurf_FreeWifi SSID available in your location. This is an interactive map where you can see different areas where EasySurf Free WiFi can be found.

Please note that there are more than 2000 EasySurf_FreeWifi SSID and it might be one of your place.

GoWiFi hotspots where TM EasySurf Free WiFi and Globe GoSurf Wifi are avaialble
GoWiFi hotspots where TM EasySurf Free WiFi and Globe GoSurf Wifi are available

Using the website app, you can search for the nearby EasySurf Free WiFi hotspots close to your area.

You can do manual search by entering your location and it will show you the nearest EasySurf Wifi hotspots.

Better yet, you can use the “Use My Location” option when you click on the search textbox so that it can point your exact location and find the within reach hotspots.

You can also click on the available hotspots indicated by the purple WiFi icon. It will then display the address or specific location where the WiFi hotspot is available.

Steps how to use your Easy Surf Free WiFi by TM

1. On your WIFI setting, look for the SSID @EasySurf_FreeWifi

2. Enter your TM mobile number. The one you use to register for an EasySurf data promo. You should receive an OTP or PIN.

3. Enter the PIN or OTP you received via SMS and hit the GO button

4. You can now use your free GoWiFi by Easysurf. Please note that it is limited to 1GB.

That’s it guys, easy as 123.

There is an available FAQ provided in the TMTambayan EasySURF page from which you can check usual questions about the data promo by TM.

Moreover, you can browse through their page to find more exciting promos which you can enjoy aside from the data promos.


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