This has been one of my questions before. Every time I register a GoSurf promo from Globe, I get this freebie, but I do not use it most of the time.

When I get to work and ride train on a daily basis, I turn on my WiFi. Most of the time a Free GoWifi network is available.

This is the network I can access to avail my GoSURF Free WiFi from the promo data registration I made.

Today, I will share with you 4 easy steps how to use your free GoWiFi freebie from your GoSurf data promo with picture each step.

Step 1.

On your WiFi settings, look for @Gosurf_FreeWifi network and connect to it.

Gosurf GoWiFi Step 1
Choose @GoSurf_FreeWifi Network from your WiFi available networks

Step 2.

Enter your 11 digit mobile number and press the GO button.

Gosurf GoWiFi Step 2
Enter your mobile number and hit GO.

Step 3.

Enter the PIN that you have received via SMS and press the GO button.

Gosurf GoWiFi Step 3
Enter the PIN or code that you received and press Go.

Step 4.

You can now start surfing and enjoy your 1 GB FREE GoWiFi from Globe.

Connect to the GoWifi network
Start surfing and enjoy your free GoWiFi.

GoWiFi is available at a growing number of hotspots nationwide. Get connected at malls, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores, transportation hubs, and more.

The limit of usage depends on the promo registration associated to your free GoWiFi. Most of the time it is 1GB.

GoWiFi availability is growing and you can find it almost nationwide. Almost all of the mall chains in the country especially in Metro Manila now have GoWiFi hotspots. You can also find it in coffee hubs, convenience stores, popular restaurants and even transportation stations like MRT and LRT.

You can buy promos with this GoSURF Free WiFi from various ways. The easiest one is to avail this by buying load in e-wallets like GCAsh, PayMaya and many more virtual wallet app.

You can also check the official website of Globe for more offers, services how you can get connected.

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