The Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places in the Philippines dubbed as FreeWiFi4all was a project by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Through it’s sub agency Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO).

This is now under the arm of the newly established Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT). The DICT Philippines was established in 2016.

What is Free Wi-Fi for All program by DICT?

The project aims to provide Free WiFi connection anywhere in the Philippines especially in areas where it lacks internet connectivity through the use of the FreeWiFi4all connection.

The official banner of the FreeWiFi4all project via the

Maybe that’s the reason why Piso Wifi is popular since it is affordable way to have an internet connection.

Anyway, just trying to give a little background about this project because I find it interesting.

I was hoping that I could share this to many readers as much as possible since having free internet connection is a big help to the community.

Why did they come up with Free WiFi Connection anywhere in the Philippines?

After reading the Internet Situation in the Philippines from the freepublicwifi website, I was somehow amazed of the growth of the internet penetration in the Philippines.

In 2016, the people who has access to internet has grown to 52%. It’s almost 200% growth from 27% back in 2010.

It is not as good as any other developing country, but I think it is a better progress.

Also, the hardest part is that most areas in the province do not have much access to an internet.

Hence, the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places project has been realized.

The agency program, as quoted in this article:

On top of the agency’s programs in improving the country’s Internet connectivity, such as the iGovPhil Project and the TV White Space (TVWS) technologies adoption initiative, the DOST ICT Office aims to extend the coverage of broadband Internet connectivity through the Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project.

The goal of the project is to increase internet connectivity to jumpstart the development of the economy especially in underdeveloped areas in the country. 

When did the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access anywhere in the Philippines started?

The Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project was started and implemented under the Information and Communication Office which is a government institution under DOST. The project was started in 2016 via the Juan, Konek! project name and it is now under the care of DICT Philippines.

Where can you find Free Wi-Fi for All Hotspots by the DICT?

The freepublicwifi website curated a very detailed list of the avaialable hotspots all over the Philippines.

You can check the live map of the Free Public Internet Access Program or table list of Free WiFi for All Hotspots locations.

How do you access the FreeWiFi4all offered by the DICT?

The initial project has the SSID “Free Public Wi-Fi – Juan Konek!” However, as of this year, the project is now using the SSID “freeWIFI4all”

The user can easily connect to the freeWIFI4all without using any password.

Please take note of the availability of the free WiFi in public by checking the hotspots location mentioned above.

Final Thoughts on FreeWiFi4All

In my opinion this project was one of the best initiative has ever been taken with regards to helping the community in terms of getting connected especially in the world of internet and connectivity.

With the use of internet, people can take advantage of the many benefits of having free internet connection.

The project aims for the following objectives based on the DICT Official website:

  • provide Wi-Fi Internet access at no charge in selected public places;
  • provide efficient and effective ICT infrastructure and information systems to the public;
  • promote the use of ICT to improve delivery of critical functions of government services;
  • provide a lower entry barrier for users, as well as improve accessibility;
  • through public-private partnerships, provide commercial services, but with direct government intervention – in the form of investments – only as a method of last resort; and
  • acquire a secured official electronic communications and collaboration system.

That’s it, I hope you find this post informative and somehow helped you about the FreeWiFi4all access in Public Places project of DICT.

For more information about this project, please visit the official website of Free Public Wi-Fi by the Government of the Philippines.


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