Transferring fund nowadays from one bank account to another has been made convenient, one of these is cashing in from BDO Online to GCash. Thanks to the ever improving technology. In this article, I will just simply share with you five (5) easy steps how to send money from BDO to GCash.

There are plenty of ways you can cash in to your GCash account. For those who have BDO account, may it be your saving or payroll, this is one of the convenient and easy ways to fund your GCash.

5 Easy Steps to Cash In From BDO Online to your GCash Account

1. When you open your BDO online account, go to Send Money > To Another Local Bank.

Select "To Another Local Bank"

2. After clicking “To Another Local Bank”, the page below will appear. You need to fill in all the information. Then, after you complete the information, click on “Submit”.

*I included a checklist below the image to make sure that you will cover all the information.

Transfer BDO to GCash. Fill in all the information then click "Submit"

Sender Details:

  • Settlement Type: Select “Credit To Another Local Bank”
  • Transaction Type: Select “Credit to Other Bank”
  • Value Date: This is auto populated
  • Transfer from: Select the account where you want the fund to be deducted from
  • Amount: Type the amount you want to transfer to your GCash account
  • Destination Bank: Select G-Xchange, Inc.. 11-digits via Instapay[GXI]
  • Destination Account Number: Enter the 11-digit number of your GCash. That is your GCash account number.

*What is the destination account number in GCash? It is your mobile number register in your GCash account.

Receiver Details:

  • Receiver Name: Enter the last name, first name, and middle initial of the owner of the account you are transferring the fund.
  • Mobile Number: Type the number of the receiver of the fund.
  • Purpose of Transaction: Type the purpose of transaction. I usually just put “Fund transfer”

Save Template:

If you want to save this as template, you may tick “Save as new template”

3. After you click “Submit” a popup window will appear. You need to verify all the information you have entered. If you are all good with it, click on “Continue”.

Confirm all the information of your transaction

4. After clicking on “Continue”, you will be receiving a One-Time Password (OTP) from BDO to the mobile number registered with your BDO account. You need to enter the 6-digit OTP in the text box beside the “Enter your OTP” label. Then, click “Submit”.

Enter your One-Time Password (OTP)

5. Finally, you will be directed to the success page saying that you have successfully sent money real time via Instapay.

Successful transfer from BDO to Gcash

The last thing to do is to check if the amount has already reflected in your GCash account. You will also receive an SMS notification from GCash saying that you have receive the amount in your account.

The fund that you have received can now be used to pay for purchases in all GCash partner establishments, buy a load, transfer to another bank account, and many more.

That’s how easy it is to get your fund from BDO to GCash account online.

The BDO is offering a free convenience fee via Instapay. This promo runs until April 30, 2020.

UPDATE: BDO extended their offering of free convenience fee. The waived transaction fee for Send Money to Other Banks via InstaPay is now until August 31, 2020. Hoping that they can extend this until December 31, 2020 like other commercial banks.

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