I never thought I was going to try playing Adorable Home. I was already hearing this game from a colleague, but I did not bother looking it up. However, due to the community quarantine and I feel really bored, I decided to search it in Google Play. I downloaded the app, then decided to create this beginner guide to play Adorable Home.

Adorable Home is a simple and charming simulation game developed by HyperBeard. You will decorate your adorable home, hence the title of the game. You will also gather love, and relax in this cute game.

Just a disclaimer, this guide is really a newbie guide. You can actually play the game even without a step by step guide since the game is really easy to play and get used to it.

So let’s start this basic guide how to play Adorable Home.

Beginner Walk-through to the game Adorable Home

1. First, of course you need to download Adorable Home from your Store. Google Play for Android users, and Apple Store for iOS users. 

Download Adorable Home app from Google Play

2. After downloading, open the app. The language selection screen will show up.

Language section screen of Adorable Homes

3. After you select the language, you need choose the character you want to use. There are four guys and four girls to choose from. Give it a name and choose your desired skin color.

Choose your character

4. Also, you need to choose the character for your partner. Give him or her a name. You might want to name her with your crush or your real life partner. For my partner, it is a random name though.

Choose the character of your partner

5. After choosing the characters, both of you will be welcomed in your new home. Mind you, it is messy.

Welcome to your house in Adorable Home

6. The house is messy, so both of you will tidy things up. Look at the cute white cat.

Clean lounge in your Adorable Home lounge

7. After cleaning your house, the game will now introduce you to “moment.” Cute photo of the cat named “Snow.”

Introduction to moment adorable home
Everytime you open the app a new moment may show up

8. After “Moment” the game will also introduce you to the part where you need to feed your cats. Now that’s adorable. Later on the game, you will see more cats visiting you, they will give you love if you feed and pet them. You can also get more cats by purchasing them in the Cat Boxes.

Introduction to feeding your cat
Feed the cat
The cat will eat the food

9. The game will introduce you to the currency of the game which is “Love.” Love is important in this game, isn’t it?

Introduction to game currency "Love" in Adorable Home

10. Introduction to decorating your lounge using the items that you can buy using “Love.” After accepting some “Love” the game will help you navigate how to buy item and decorate your home. In this part, you will buy a television and put in your lounge.

Decorating the lounge by shopping

11. Introduction to preparing food for your partner. If your partner liked it, you will earn “Love.” You will prepare bento box for your partner. That’s sweet.

Empty bento box
Bento box preparation in Adorable Home

12. After that, you will be introduced to the petting part. You need to pet your cat. If the cat loves it, she will give you “Love.” If not, no love for you. You can also cut their nails and take them to shower. The challenging part here is not to make them mad by showering them hot water or cutting their toe or touching the part they do not want to be touched. Tricky.

Petting your cat
Cat likes petting
Cat does not like it

By the way, not to spoil you but since this game is a free to play game, there will be an ad showing. Additional reward will be given if you watch reward.

Ad showing in the game

How was the cuteness overload so far? Basically, that’s it. It is very simple and easy to play. The steps above are the very basic and you will already get used to it once you open the app again.

What Can I say about Adorable Home?

I like the game so far, it is cute and stress free. The sound effect is relaxing when you here it. This is a good game to kill boredom. I think this is one of the reasons why my colleague likes playing this.

I will update you of my progress soon and provide you with more guide and tips.

Bye for now, I will pet and feed the cats and get some more love.