I am thinking that maybe one of the reasons why you are here is because you want to know how to use GCash or how to pay using GCash QR code. Thus, I created this article for you.

Although there are already a lot of articles out there sharing the steps how it works for shopping and the likes, I will share with you my recent experience when I used mine to pay for my groceries.

First thing first is to make sure that the establishment where you are planning to use the payment method is a partner establishment. You will usually see a table standee or poster saying something like “GCash Accepted Here” with the QR Code printed on it. It is surely a partner merchant. It should look like this:

GCash QR Code Table Standee

If you are a “segurista” you may ask the cashier if they really accept G Cash payment because there are times, although very rare, that the phone they are using to accept the payment is not working or dead battery or maybe the system if offline.

It only happened to me once. The cashier said she will just charge the phone, and wait for a few second to minutes to turn on the phone. It was at a supermarket and I just do not want the others in line to wait a little so I just paid using my available cash.

If you are already in line and the cashier is scanning all the groceries, you can now prepare to pay for the items you get.

The Simple Steps How to Use GCash Payment

1. When you open the app, you can see your available balance and some useful items below. Tap on the Pay QR.

GCash balance

2. The following screen will be displayed prompting two options. Either you choose “Scan QR Code” or “Generate Code”. I usually use the Scan QR Code since the establishment already have the QR Code available, just scan it.

GCash Scan QR Code or Generate Code

3. After tapping “Scan QR Code” the scanner will show. You can now scan the GCash QR code of the establishment and pay. Make sure to fit the QR code in the square area.

Scar the QR code

4. After successful scanning, you should now see the screen below. Input the total amount of the groceries or items you will pay. You need to check the Point of Sale (POS) screen of the cashier to make sure the amount you will enter is exact.

Enter the amount to pay

5. After tapping “Next” it will take to the confirmation part. You need to review the amount. Then, you can also select if you want to pay using your available GCash balance or GCredit.

Review the amount to pay

6. Wait for a few seconds to receive the confirmation message containing the reference no. The cashier needs the reference to input it into the POS. That’s it, once done, you can get the receipt.

What can I say about GCash App?

I have only been using this virtual wallet since 2019 and I could say that it is convenient to use. The app has many functionalities aside from being able to use it like a debit card to purchase merchandise.

You can also save via the GSave feature which is managed by CIMBBank.

They also have the Invest Money feature which let you invest in various investment product in partnership with ATRAM Asset Management.

You can participate in doing green activities through cashless transaction, refusing single use plastic can be rewarded, or simply walking and many more via the GCash Forest feature.

One more, and one of the best features I like is their zero convenience fee when transferring to any other bank accounts.

That’s it for now. Soon I will share with you some various ways how to cash in and cash out from your account.

There are plenty of ways you can cash in your GCash account. Few of them are cash in via online bank account such as BDO, BPI, Unionbank, and many more partner banks.

You can also let me know what steps would you like to know by leaving a comment.

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