Is there a way to cash in account using BDO?

Yes, we can now transfer funds from BDO online to account.

I still remember writing a line in this blog that says “I am hoping that BDO will soon add to their support banks and e-wallets to receive funds. I think you are hoping for that too.”

After more than four months since I posted this article, COINS PH is now part of the list of banks we can use to transfer funds to using BDO online banking.

This made me happy when I finally found out that is now a supported e-wallet/bank in BDO app from where we can transfer funds.

When I learned the news from the blog post, I instantly tried it and made a transfer transaction.

Highlighted COINS.PH 11-Digits via InstaPay[DCP] in the destination bank drop down option of BDO app.

COINS.PH is now available from the list of destination banks to where I can transfer funds to. Amazing!

I took a screenshot showing that COINS.PH is now included in the list of the banks supported by BDO.

Good news for those who are waiting for this development to come.

Please take note that your should be linked to your mobile number since it will serve as your account number when transferring funds.

My experience in trying to cash in my wallet using BDO.

The fund transfer process is as easy as any other bank transfer you are doing in your BDO online banking app.

  1. After logging in to your BDO online app, select “SEND MONEY” option at the bottom part of the app screen next to “MY ACCOUNTS”
  2. On the SEND MONEY screen, select “To Another Local Bank”.
  3. Select “Proceed without a template” and continue.
  4. Fill in the necessary Sender Details.
  5. For the Destination Bank, select the “COINS.PH 11-Digits via InstaPay[DCP]. This is the option you need to select for COINS.PH fund transfer. The account number will be the Mobile Number linked to your account.

Then, you just need to proceed the same way you are transferring your funds to any other bank. Easy as 123. 🙂

As most of you may already know, BDO charges 25 pesos for every bank transfer transaction including

Anyway, if you are interested in cashing in your account using any other banks and e-wallets, you may check the cash in online options of article since it has pretty much everything about the transfer procedure for each bank.

Banks like RCBC, Robinson’s Bank, Unionbank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank and many more banks and e-wallets are included in the said article.