Welcome to the Philippine Workforce! Looking for things you need to prepare for your first job? In this article, I will share with you The Four Basic Documents you need for your First Job.

Consider this as you First Job Starter Pack. 🙂

You might be one of those who already graduated from school and ready to find your first job. You may also be one of those who are not lucky enough to be sent to school and now, you are finding ways to look for a spot into the workforce and hopefully soon, earn enough and go back to school.

I will be sharing with you the essential documents that you need for your first job.

As a first time employee, you need to prepare these essentials documents before you can finally start your job. Some employers usually require these documents even before they sign a contract.

Although some employers help newly hired employees to process the documents, it is better that we already have it with us so we can also save time.

By the time you score a job offer, we need not to worry the documents anymore, or at least spend a little time to process the remaining documents which will be asked from us by our employer.

The Four Basic Documents you need for your First Job

When I landed my first job, I remember that my employers asked me for the following:

  1. SSS E1 Form
    • This form can be secure by going to your nearest SSS Branch. Inform the personnel at the branch that you need E1 Form for your local employment. Please note that you need to bring your PSA Birth certificate. It is the only thing you need to secure the SSS E1 Form.
    • Alternatively, you may now apply for your SS Number online! Please go to the SSS PERSONAL RECORD/UNIFIED MULTIPURPOSE ID CARD APPLICATION (E-1/E-6)
  2. Philhealth ID Number (PIN)
    • Most often than not, employer is the one processing the employeee PhilHealth.
    • Your employer should give you the form which you need to accomplish and have it submit back to them. They will process this for you. For this procedure, PhilHealth also have a detailed instructions here.
    • There are other ways wherein you can also secure your PhilHealth ID number. The one above is the one that fits the most especially if it is your first job.
  3. Pag-IBIG Number
    • This one is pretty easy as well. You can actually secure Pag-IBIG number via online. First, you only need to go to the official website of the PAG IBIG and do the Online Membership Registration. Second, follow the instruction given on the page and provide the details needed to sign up.
  4. TIN
    • TIN or Tax Identification Number here in the Philippines is also required since everyone earning here are subject to income tax.
    • Although, with the recent passage of TRAIN Law, one thing I surely know is that minimum income earner are now exempted from income tax, but you still need to secure a Tax Identification Number.


Basically, the four documents listed above are the things needed by the employer so that they can make sure that they can comply to the mandated government benefits for their employees. If you need further readings about TIN application, you may do so by going here which is the official BIR website.

The employer usually request these requirements on your first day. It may vary on employers though, so confirm this to them.

Later on, you will find the need to get more documents you need which is essential for being an employer. You may need to get your PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card when you make your first loan. Getting SSS ID or UMID ID so you can have easy access to your SSS benefits.

These IDs may also serve as your valid IDs when transacting to other institutions. Do not worry, slowly you will all find this out as you learn all the important things being an adult and being in the workforce.

I hope that somehow this reading may give a little idea how you can start your journey as a new member of the Philippine workforce.

Please take your time and learn the ropes as part of the adulthood.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to answer it as soon as I can.

Follow Government Tips for more updates anything about IDs and anything related to Goverment. 🙂

Good luck on your first job!

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