You might have heard of GrowSari or GrowSari app. You might be using it already or you might be looking for more information about this app. Now, what is GrowSari?

Few months back, my mother asked me if there are some distributors or suppliers where she can order her ‘paninda‘ for a cheaper price compare to other supermarket or wholesalers or sari sari store suppliers.

Although there are businesses that caters to the needs of retailers like a sari-sari store ranging from wholesaler store, grocery store, supermarket that offers sari-sari items at a wholesaler price which can then be sold by retailers with markup. The need to have a cheaper source of items is somehow a must since the markup of a sari-sari store is not that big. It usually ranging from one pesos to five pesos only. Hence, they would somehow look for better options.

Moreover, most of these businesses are similar to one another, you have to go to their store and buy whatever you need. The downside of it, you need to commute, or pay for gas for your service and line up in the store to buy what you need for your store. It’s a bit time consuming and takes a lot of effort.

Now, I tried searching for a viable option in the internet, in Youtube and even in Facebook. Luckily, I was able to find this promising B2B app called GrowSari.

Now, what is GrowSari really?

GrowSari is a tech-enabled B2B or even B2C platform that enables millions of sari-sari store owners to have better access to goods they offer with their business or ‘negosyo’.

Basically, it’s an online multi function shopping app that mainly caters to the needs of sari-sari store owners. What’s best about it? It offers free delivery for a minimum amount 500 pesos and provides the opportunity to somehow increase your capital with the use of their ‘Elista‘ offering.

Although GrowSari app is an online platform, they have branches or outlet from where the items are coming from which manages their logistics and item inventory.

The GrowSari app mainly has 3 key main features.

‘Paninda’ in GrowSari app

‘Paninda’ is the online ordering for grocery section of the app where you can order variety of items which is usually the needs of a sari-sari store. The GrowSari app offers wide variety of items like canned goods, instant noodles, coffees, ready to drink, alcohol, cigarettes, and even rice.

GrowSari Paninda tab. Promos, online shopping, and item category.

Basically, almost every items are there. One thing I noticed though is that, it is not yet as comprehensive like big supermarkets and groceries. Some brands are not available yet and there are instances that items are out of stock.

On the other hand, prices are somehow relatively lower compare to what’s in supermarket and wholesalers. Most often than not, items are cheaper for a bout few cents to peso. They even have promos like ‘distributor price’ items and a rebate of 5% to 10%.

By the way, for your very first order, you will get a rebate of 10%. That’s a big savings already.


The online function that enables a tindera or tindero to buy prepaid loads with rebate, pay bills, and perform pera padala.

GrowSari E-Negosyo tab. Bills payment, prepaid load and gaming subscription pins.

The buy load function offers a 5% rebate for every successful transaction. The small cons I noticed though is that there’s no option to select or input for a custom amount of load. The amount or type of promos are fixed as a list in the selection.

When it comes to the pros, you can’t go wrong with it because all of the networks are available and most of the promos are already present and can be loaded to your customers mobile number directly.

Aside from the buy load option, owners can also buy gaming pins, pay for bills, and even GCash and PayMaya cash in. What’s more? E-lista can be used. More on E-lista below.


E-lista is not really a separate feature, but this function enables sari-sari store owners to use as a credit line. This means that they can use this as a capital to use the ‘Paninda’ and ‘E-negosyo’, feature without the need to shell out your capital. The best thing about this function is that there’s no interest (at least the E-negosyo part)

E-Lista by GrowSari. 8300 for E-list and other functions.

Take note though that there are some requirements needed to be met before it can be activated. GrowSari’s ‘Elista’ becomes available in a span of 8 weeks with a minimum of 3 orders within this time period.

I already tried using this function and I can confirm that it has no additional charge, you don’t have to pay for any interest or any other charges, which is really great! However, please take note that the no charge, no fee only works for the ‘E-negosyo’ service. The ‘Paninda’ service has a charge or processing fee of 3.5 percent.

Is there a GrowSari branch near your location?

Now here comes the catch. The coverage or the reach of the service of GrowSari as of this writing is somehow mainly available in Metro Manila and greater part of Luzon. I understand that GrowSari is fairly new to the market so I think they are gearing in expanding their reach. Hoping soon they will also cover some parts in Visayas and Mindanao.

I included the current serviceable locations which I took from GrowSari’s official Facebook page.

Sourced and cited from GrowSari’s official Facebook page. Check out their official post.

Sourced and cited from GrowSari’s official Facebook page. Check out their official post.

Few days ago, I read that GrowSari is now in Iloilo, so you can see that they are now really expanding! 🙂

GrowSari branch in Iloilo

In the coming months or year, we may be able to see more GrowSari branches in other areas. I’m looking forward to it since it can reach even more sari sari store owners which is mainly their focus. 🙂


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